Friday, February 13, 2015

Mommy Paycheck

I know I've missed my Christmas post, and now I've even missed Andrea's birthday post.  They may get here eventually, they may not.  But I wanted to post about the overwhelming love I've felt this morning from my daughter.  With tomorrow being Valentine's Day I think she is really excited about what this holiday is all about.  She, unknowingly, had wrapped up gifts she found in her room and had them ready to give to me and Ryan this morning.  She gave me a big teddy bear that is holding an "I love you" heart.  Ryan got a stuffed hamburger "because Gideon ruined Daddy's other one".  While I was working she got my heating blanket and plugged it in and put it on my lap for me.  Then she said "one last thing" and got me a Pepsi Max from the fridge.  Sometimes I feel unworthy to have such a sweet, thoughtful child!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sheep, Pumpkins, and Elsa

In October we made a trip down to Cedar City.  We  started off the weekend with the sheep parade Saturday morning.  Apparently transferring sheep through town is Parade worthy.  The wait for the actual sheep was pretty suspenseful.  We watched many a tractor zig zag down the road before the herd arrived.

Our main objective for the trip was to visit the Staheli Family Farm again in St. George.  Even though we waited until the end of October it was still 90 degrees and I was afraid of getting heat stroke.

The farm didn't disappoint, same great fun we remember, duck races, giant pillow, tractor rides, corn slide.  Plus they had a few new items like the "corn hole" game, which, of course, Matt and Ryan had to play.  And a carnival hammer hitter thing, I don't know what they're called.

Sunday while their family was at church we went up Cedar Canyon to take come Christmas Card photos of our family. We spent the rest of the day just resting, I even got a nap!

The next week Brigitta had a friend Halloween party that Andrea was invited to.  And then the adults got our own party at Eric and Amy's.

We attended the ward trunk or treat the night of Halloween and went trick or treating through the neighborhood. It was nice to have Andrea old enough that Ryan and I got to just wait in the driveways while Andrea rang the doorbells.

Andrea chose to be Elsa, and she decided I should be Anna.  Luckily DI really helped me since there aren't many affordable adult Anna costumes. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

11 Year Anniversary

Ryan and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary this past weekend.  We went to Vegas, which we have done a few times before.  Each time we go there are a few activities we say, "next time let's do that".  So this time I made sure that didn't happen, we booked the Beatles Love show by Cirque Du Soleil.

We stayed at Treasure Island, which had a great view out our window. The only drawback was the pool was also down below our room and it was voted the "best party pool in Vegas".  So we got to listen to Robin Thicke and Macklemore most of our time in the room.  Just made me feel old, luckily they shut down about 10:00, or at least the music.

So the first night when we got there our only objective was to eat, which was more difficult then we imagined, so we finally found a quick pizza and gelato place that did the job.

The next day we started with a tour of a chocolate factory.  Really it was just three windows where you could watch the workers. No room where everything is edible, no chocolate waterfall, or lickable wallpaper.  Apparently they need to learn the meaning of "chocolate factory".   We did happen upon a little excitement when no one paid attention to the conveyor and chocolates began to fall on the floor.
Ryan expected me to leave there with just the free sample, which makes me wonder if he really doesn't know me at all!  So I picked out my own choices for a box of chocolates, and they were "to die for" as Ryan's mom would say.  Luckily they give you an ice pack that last four hours because as they put it, "this is Vegas, no one would buy our chocolates if we didn't".  
 Next we headed to some of the locations of the History channel shows.  We had been to the Pawn Stars location before, but we knew they had fixed it up, so we went again.  No Pawn Stars were there that day, but it's still neat to see it in person.
Next was to Count's Kustoms,which is the location of the show Counting Cars.  I was hoping to see the Count himself, Danny, since he's nice to look at, but no luck.  We were impressed to find that they have free tours of the Count's car collection, also a gift shop.  I couldn't find a Christmas ornament, we did buy some T-shirts.
 After that we headed to the buffet and over to the Beatles show.  Oh how I wish I could have taken photos during the show, but it did force me to just focus on the present and shove it all in my mental storage.  The show was AMAZING, no disappointment at all.  It was one Beatles song after another, which I couldn't help but sing along to.  The acrobatics and props were breathtaking.  The stage made you feel as if you were right there in the show.  It's been on my bucket list for a while now and I'm so happy I fulfilled this wish!
Bought myself a Beatles Love Christmas ornament and splurged and got me a hoodie.  Cold girl+ warmth+Beatles=happiness!

The next day we walked some of the strip.  We meandered through Mandalay Bay, The Luxor, Excalibur, and New York New York.  We ate at a cute New York style diner and stopped by the Hershey's store for more chocolate samples :)

Later in the day we went down to old Freemont Street and were shocked by how many people there were.  Plus a lot of freak shows everywhere trying to earn some tips.  Everything from the levitating woman, to KISS impersonators, to midgets making balloon animals.  Since it was our actual anniversary that day we sat down to a nice dinner at a restaurant in the Golden Nugget.  Then we waited for the light show on the lighted ceiling and headed back to the hotel.
Sunday we drove back to Cedar City and spent half the day visiting with Matt and Sara.  After spending the night at their place we came home Monday to a  homesick little girl.  I guess she finally reached the age where she decided she likes us a little bit.  She used to never care when were gone.  But it had been a while since just Ryan and I got away, it was nice to recharge and relax together!

Back in the saddle again

Boy it was a long summer, don't get me wrong, it was good, but both Andrea and I were ready for her schedule to pick up again.

First started soccer, yay!  This year she has more friends on her team, Spencer, John and Tara's son, Ada, who is in our ward, and Carter, who was in her preschool class.

Their team is the red fire balls, which Andrea tells us she suggested the name, I don't doubt it.  So far she is loving it and the first game she scored her first goal!

Then Kindergarten started, we have p.m. kindergarten, which is what I wanted, one more year to sleep in! Her teacher is Mrs. Purkiss and she seems to have a lot of experience under her belt and is very organized.  Andrea loves it and is always happy to go. I am loving the time to get work done and run errands!
She also has her cousin Roland in her class.  Amy suggested Brigitta walk with both of them to my house after school and that way Amy doesn't have to fight the school traffic, I have loved it! Although Andrea and I still walk to school together I love seeing the cousins walking home holding hands.

And now she started dance this week.  She is so much happier now that she has a busy schedule.  She is just too smart and creative to be expected to sit home.  She loves feeling important and challenged.  We've both been much happier now that this busy body is busy again!

Summer Activities

Since we did our big California trip in the spring this summer has been filled with short little fun activities.  Here is a summary:

Two trips to Hatch Patch.  Once a month Amy would invite any friends or family able to come up to Hatch Patch for the day.  Luckily we were able to go twice.  Once with Ryan and some twins from the ward.  The second time Andrea and I caught a ride with my friend Camilla and her boys.

Fishing.  We introduced Andrea to fishing even though she's had her one pole for years and fishes around the house this was the first real fishing experience and, of course, none of us caught any fish.

Feeding the ducks in Stansbury.  We did this a couple of times this summer when Andrea and I just needed to get out of the house.

Going to see Mary Poppins at Hale Theatre with Grandma Joan, it was her belated Mother's Day gift.
Swim Lessons.  Taylor's mom and I made sure to put them in the same class again this year.  But lessons were cut short because the boiler broke at the swimming pool.
Throwing a baby shower for Michela.  Michela is one of my counselor's in Primary, but also a good friend.  Amy, Michela's sister-in-law Jackee and myself threw her a fun shower, I was happy with how it turned out.

A day at the Gateway Mall to play in the water and go to Build-a-Bear.  We needed a Mommy and daughter day, surprise getaways are sometimes the best!
A day visiting with my friend Sharol and her kids.  Sharol was in town for a week when her sister returned home from her mission.  It was so fun just to chat with her again and have our kids get to know each other.
Bees Baseball Game,  I won free tickets online to a game the night of.  Luckily my work deadline was extended so it freed up our evening.  Andrea got bored pretty quickly so I didn't get to watch much of the game while walking her to different place, but Ryan seemed to enjoy it.  Plus Ty Burrell threw in the first pitch, so that was fun to see!
Ghost Hunting Tour in Salt Lake for our friend Jaren's Birthday.  We went to some haunted mansions and the location of Ted Bundy's torn down house.  It was a fun night!

Demolition Derby with friends.  Finally talked Ryan into going to the derby, but he's usually up for anything with Jaren and Aubrey.  Turns out he loved it, so there!

So that's our summer in a nutshell, and of course there were many other fun nights spent with friends or family, but th were the pictures I had.  We were sad we couldn't take the trailer out this year, but Ryan fixed our RV parking at our house so now we can move it here and fix it up for next summer.